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Harena Woozle


  • 1960-10-31 Harena is born
  • 1965-05-11 Woozle is born
  • 1965-11-01 Jenny is born
  • 1968-02-15 Tigger is born


  • 1979-Fall Harena is released from Highland, meets Rick & soon marries him
  • 1972-Fall - 1973-Spring Woozle at Durham Academy, 2nd grade; is forced to stop signing as "Woozle"
  • 1973 - 1974 Woozle in England for the year, attends school there
  • 1974-Fall - 1979-Spring - Woozle attends 4th - 8th grades at DA
  • 1978-Fall Jenny begins 8th grade at CFS (middle school)
  • 1979-Fall - 1980-Spring:
    • Tigger is at CFS middle school for the year; becomes friends with Jenny & co.
    • Woozle begins 9th grade at CFS (upper school)


  • 1982 Mel is born.
  • 1980-Fall Jenny steals Woozle's shoes at Quaker Lake
  • 1980-11-04 Jenny's first note to Woozle (after several notes going the other way)
  • 1981-09-16 First letter from Tigger to Woozle (after W sent T letter at J's recommendation)
  • 1981-xmas Jenny terminates friendship with Woozle
  • 1982-Fall - 1983-Spring Woozle at Guilford.


  • 1983-05-20 Jenny disappears
  • 1983-Fall - Woozle at Duke; withdraws toward end of semester


  • 1984-06-04 Jenny's remains are found
  • 1984-Spring
    • Woozle tries to audit calculus class at Duke.
    • Woozle attends CFS graduation as audience; there is an empty chair for Jenny.


  • 1986-09-23 Harena graduates from Durham Technical Community College with a diploma in auto mechanics
  • 1985-Fall Woozle follows Tigger to Brown U. (Providence, RI), gets first non-family job (programming)
  • 1989-Spring Tigger graduates from Brown
  • 1989-Fall Woozle accepts neural network job at Duke, under Frank Borchardt
  • 1989-12-31 Woozle drives from Providence (in snowstorm) to Durham


  • 1992-? moved to Reno (while pregnant with Josh)
  • 1992-12-12 Josh is born.
  • 1996-? moved back to NC (while pregnant with Zander)
  • 1997-03-21 Zander is born.
  • 1999-04-18 Benjamin is born.
  • 1991-09
    • Borchardt terminates all contracts (except the Polish guy living in US on work visa); Woozle is unemployed
    • Livia suggests getting married and moving to Athens. Woozle agrees.
  • 1994-11-25 Anna Nikola is born
  • 1995-Fall The Red House Store is created
  • 1998-Fall Woozle gets first real job since moving to Athens; spends most of a year in Wisconsin working
  • 1999 Contract is terminated, but Woozle immediately lands similar job at Carrier in Athens


  • 2000-01 Woozle discovers existence of gender dysphoria
  • 2001-02 Harena first emails Woozle; they quickly become friends

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