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Zander (Xander) Hall is Sandy's next-to-youngest. He has intellectual leanings, a strong interest in gaming (as does Benjamin) and science, and concerned about fairness and correct word usage.

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School Project notes

Old Notes for inquisitive family members

  • In 2010 or possibly 2009, he began picking up some piano-playing, on his own initiative. As of 2011, he is starting into two-handed playing and basic harmony.
  • As of 2007, he is slowly backing away from the card-trading games (although "if Pokémon were real..." is still a common phrase) and becoming interested in other types of games, including chess and online games. He also enjoys Schoolhouse Rock and has parts of the songs memorized (though he says the Multiplication Rock songs are redundant because he already knew all the times tables).
  • From 2005: "he is heavily into Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!; we are searching for a 12-step program... ;-)"
  • The Zander Files: Zander tends to appear in pictures with other people more often than by himself.