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The Hypertwins (Woozle (Nicola) and Sandy/Harena) are best contacted by email, social network, or IM:

  • Mailing, stalking, and child-abduction[1] address:
  • Email: contact2024-2024-07-19-08:32-spam@hypertwinsspam.org
  • Social Networks:
  • IM servicesPlease say who you are when using IM; we get a lot of IM spam, so we ignore random messages like "hey" or "hello"
    • XMPP (compatible with Google Talk) -- change the " [at] " to "@"; we don't want spambots sending email to those addresses:
      • harena [at] ownedbycats.org
      • woozle [at] hypertwins.org
    • Discord: Woozle#5658
    • Wire: @woozle
    • Google Talk (we are given to understand that this is going away soon):
      • Harena: harena
      • Woozle: woozalia
  • Phone (we both have phone phobia and never answer unless we know who it is, want to speak to them, and feel capable of doing so -- all at the same time):
    • (919) 402-9774 (home / voicemail)
    • (919) 627-8595 (text messages and voicemail)

For vbz.net contact info, see the VBZ Wiki.


  • Google+ was taken off the air on 2019-04-02; the following descriptions were last edited on 2017-04-22:
    • Woozle still uses G+ a lot, but it feels like its days are numbered
    • Harena has an account but doesn't use it much anymore
  • ICQ doesn't work right anymore. We theoretically have the following accounts, but haven't connected to them in years and the directory links are now 404. [connects to it... okay, yes, connecting is still possible... but why.]
  • AIM no longer supports any known protocols, so we can't connect to it anymore.
  • Yahoo IM also no longer supports any known protocols.


  1. As of May 2017, there are no longer any minors at this address, but we will be happy to issue rain-checks.