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ACK! I don't exist yet!


Jester Tentacle Bag Pre-Felt.jpg

Ok, 'shew, that was a close one...

Right. Now that I exist, um, I suppose I should say a little something about myself. Okay, then: "A Little Something".

And now, a shiny link... my homepage which is badly in need of updating, but beats the heck out of nothing ^_^

For gobs of pictures in a place that is more likely to get updated, try checking my G+ photos (Link to my profile below)(Also Abandoned, whoops. Occasional posts & pictures can be found at Mastodon, though!).

You can also find pictures Here.

Caveat: May Contain Serious Weirdness. Frumps & People Worried About Graciousness should Stay Away. You Know Who You Are.

And for those of you what have no clue what the Meaning of Life, The Universe, & Harena is, a link. According to the first declension, I'm not only nominative, but also ablative & vocative. Which seems legit.

I am deathly allergic to cashews (and it's looking like pistachios are going in that direction too), so when you make me that surprise dessert, please leave those nuts out, thanks! :D

Stuff (and Things)


A Username History Tale

This one takes one back to the 1970s when dinosaurs roamed the earth when i was in high school & my Latin teacher (because she was an awesome human being) decided to "translate" all her students' names into Latin (this was a small school; only about 100 students total in the high school at the time).. when she got to me, i was a little tricky but she eventually came up with Harena Atria. If anyone can guess what my actual name is, kudos for you & and i'll give you an Easter Egg[1] for my first name (actually i'll probly do it anyway)....

...jump forward a decade or so & the very first time i did an online chat was being a beta tester for Prodigy's chat (to rival AOL's immensely popular chat) & i decided to go with Harena 'cause i suck at selecting usernames.. and then came CompuServe's Worlds Away and again i decided to be Harena... and it just sortof became my default username.. and then along came Pokémon Go.. and well, when i was filling out the username thingy, i got confused (low bar >.>) and put in Harena for one thing but then it was asking me for another one? & i thought it had to be different... and so since i had acquired a ferret persona, i slapped in "HarenaFerret" and the rest is history! Literally! ;D


  1. So since my first name is a nickname (Sandy), my teacher had to do some skillful formulating and came up with "arena" because back in the day, sand was used for arena floors and she "feminized" it by slapping an "H" on it & the rest is.. well, you know ;D