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100 Surreal Things About Me[1]

1. Sometimes I try too hard
2. I want everyone to like me.
3. I have a hypertwin not a significant other... glossary
4. I love the color Lime Green... no, make that Neon Lime Green...
5. I love to crochet & knit.
6. Cotton yarn is my favorite fiber
7. Soap making is fun too.
8. Chocklit is my favorite food.
9. So is chicken.
10. Jean-Luc Picard not James T. Kirk (when I first started to type that one, I almost put "William Shatner" instead of "Kirk" ;) )
11. I *still* love horses.
12. I love cats, I wish I had some. All I have right now is a miniature dog & a ferret-wannabe ;) (my 2 cats for those who don't already know) who also went & bonded with Woozle. (or is that too much for just one?)
13. I have a self-esteem of -42
14. I came up with that before I ever even *heard* of THGttG (about 13yo)
15. That was in the Stone Age for anyone wondering.
16. I have had 5 pregnancies, 4 live ones & one miscarriage
17. My first birth was a breech presentation.
18. I gave birth to that one vaginally. Ripped me wide open.
19. He's now a physics major.
20. I take things very personally
21. Which makes me defensive
22. You wanna make something of it??
23. Kiki not BunBun
24. Tie Dye Rules!
25. I wear sandals all year long
26. I knit my own socks.
27. Which brings me Much poingy-ness!
28. I tend to finish people's sentences... incorrectly
29. I need to be constantly reassured... of everything
30. Swiss Truffles are my favorite type of chocolate
31. I love technology!
32. If I had had the online friends that I have now when I was a teenager, I would have avoided a lot of misery in my life.
33. I love beards
34. and long hair.
35. but only the beards on men.
36. I hate to see anyone sad.
37. So, I try to cheer people up
38. Which only works part of the time.
39. I am a 10 year old trapped in the mind of a 19 year old who has the body of a 43 year old that feels like it's 60 years old
40. I suffer from extreme depression that manifests itself as intense anxiety & regular insomnia
41. I have been in & out of therapy for this for over 3 decades
42. I am finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel
43. Finding the right therapist is the key.
44. I miss John Lennon
45. and Jim Henson
46. Cried when Bill Bixby died
47. And when my kitty Pebble died when I was 11 years old
48. and a year later when my next kitty Petunia died when I was 12
49. I am self-diagnosed with ADD
50. ... oo! a hummingbird!
51. What am I doing here again?
52. 100 list, right.
53. I love computers
54. They're shineeeeee! :D
55. I wish I was smart enough to program them
56. I love Pink Floyd; AHM to WYWH era the best
57. and I really didn't do that many drugs in the 60's
58. did most of them in the 70's
59. I am now a teetotaller
60. Smoked for a decade, stopped over 2 decades ago
61. Still have dreams about smoking
62. Friends don't let Friends reproduce
63. I think Dr. Pepper is nectar of the gods
64. and it works great for migraines
65. with aspirin
66. Because I get 3 day migraines on a regular basis
67. I suspect peri-menapause
68. Huggling is the best thing ever!
69. Did I mention I identify with ferrets?
70. Kiki of Sluggy Freelance in particular
71. Much Poingy-ness!
72. Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children
73. I have 4 children
74. All boys.
75. I live in the house that my grandfather built in 1939
76. It has real pine panelling.
77. I live on Pinecrest Road.
78. So that proves it.
79. Because I think that sex is over-rated, it feels like everyone feels the need to "fix" me.
80. Lysol is poison
81. I have super-duper tender mouth. What other people consider "mildly spicy" rips out the inside of mouth.
82. however, I like Tandoori chicken
83. In addition to Neon Lime Green, I also love lavender & royal blue
84. I am a flaming tomboy.
85. I have lime-green high-top Chuck's which is the only other shoe I wear besides sandals.
86. I own 2 Palms.
87. and one laptop.
88. and one desktop.
89. I wish I had a Linux machine.
90. I am a geek-wannabe
91. My favorite Xmas song is War is Over by John Lennon
92. Did I mention I miss John Lennon? (oh, yeah, #44.. dang, shoulda made that #40... o well)
93. The people in SluggySquad Chat are my bestest friends ever.
94. in answer to Wiggy from squad: Mayonnaise, Mt. Olive, men's 7, Bobby.
95. He asked what was my favorite condiment, pickle brand, shoe size & member of the Kennedy family.
96. and then denied he was Wiggy. I knew better.
97. Lately, I seem to have developed some difficulty in using commas properly ... so if I missed a misuse, I apologize.
98. I think Penguins are adorable.
99. and Dust Puppy from User Friendly.
100. Ack! The last one! Must make it perfect! Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!! *spontaneously combusts* .....

  1. Meme originally posted on LJ, December 31, 2003. The object was to write down 100 things about oneself. Surreal because that way it could go all over the place. Which I did ;D