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On January 19, 2016, we noticed that Yahoo chat logs were in two different places. Well, three, actually. Looking at the main copy in ownCloud (Harena/Logs), what we see is:

  1. yahoo/harena_atria/[otherusername]/[files for 2015-03-01 through 2016-01-18 - auto-generated filenames]
  2. Yahoo Chat/[otheruser Name]/[files for late Jan. 2013 through as late as Oct. 2014 - hand-named files]
  3. Yahoo Chat/logs/[service name]/[localusername]/[files for just a few days in 2015, Feb-Mar - auto-generated]

What we decided to do was make a copy of the way everything is now (in case of screwups human or otherwise), then move all the files into whatever sets of folders seems to be what the application is currently using (probably the first one above).

(W: Although there's no super-obvious place for the backup, what seems sensible to me is to put them in "TriceraTwops/archive/logs/chat/Harena/2016-01-19 precautionary backup", so that's what I've done. Harena can make her own separate copy elsewhere if she wants, and maybe make a note here of where that is too.)