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Fully digitized


Cassette - Triad MG-X 90

  • Side A "layering/transfer #1 1988-03-28"
    • brief piano & synth thing (one in each channel)
    • Blue Fields of String (guitar sounds out of sync; need to do digital remix... also, I don't hear the synth)
    • Middle of Perpetual Motion
    • other stuff, including components of Trilogy
  • Side B "~4 min. left"
    1. Monorail to Nowhere - bounce mix (xylophone + digital piano; voices, starting faint - maybe there was another layer on top in final mix?)
    2. guitar arpeggio thing - later became Sweet Dreams, Good Night
    3. Ensoniq piano thing (several false starts)
    4. Ensoniq piano thing again, without reverse reverb
    5. Attempt to redo Primordial with Ensoniq piano... OSLT... and multiple attempts to go somewhere with it...
    6. Backwards intro to Blue Fields of Green ... Blue Fields of Green with vocals turned way down, no solos except guitar; echo fades into --
    7. Antarctica; echo fades into --
    8. Psychiatric Interlude; fades into --
    9. Daydream of the Psychoanalyst
    10. tuning orchestra as whales
    11. R2 - B2
    12. BFoG: backing vocals and synth


Maxell MX90

  • Side A: layering/transfer #2 1989-08-03
    1. The Tape Ran Out
    2. something piano backwards; short
    3. Monorail to Nowhere (with piano intro; not the best mix, and not complete)
    4. overdub tracks for BFoG (vocals, echo-keybd, whistle...)
    5. overdub tracks for BFoG (vocals, whistle, lead vocals, echo kbd... stops abruptly)
    6. overdub tracks for BFoG (backwards intro, chorus-y lead vocals, piano, strings, organ, electric guitar solo) -- is this a mixdown?
    7. another BFoG submix; no high/echoey lead vox, no synth solo; has organ and elec guitar solo
    8. rewinding sound (brief)
    9. overdub tracks for BFoG (high/echoey bg/fg vox, keyboard solo...)
    10. overdub tracks for BFoG (high/echoey bg/fg vox... truncated near end.)
  • Side B: no label
    1. BFoG mix: no high/echoey lead vox, no synth solo
    2. overdub tracks for BFoG (high/echoey bg/fg vox, synth solo; no elec. guitar)
    3. Facsimile mix: only one lead vocal, no real drums, no solos
    4. Facsimile mix: prelude, two vocals, real drums...
    5. Facsimile mix: prelude moved closer; two vocals, real drums, no solos; drums drop out properly
    6. Facsimile mix: additional prelude; guitar solo; no vocal solos
    7. Facsimile mix: adds vocal solos
    8. Post-Atomic Wasteland: no lead vocals
    9. Facsimile mix: slightly better mix? (This sounds like the final one I used...)
    10. Monorail to Nowhere (with piano intro; missing some elements, including the end part; a bit fuzzy...)
    11. Monorail to Nowhere (with piano intro; much as above, though this sounds like a submix that got used)
    12. Monorail to Nowhere: cuts in near the end (the part missing from the above mixes); echoey ending


Ralph Obrist, Woozle, etc.

Interesting Things

Matt Henry and other... interesting things.

Maxell MX90


  • Side A: "The Cheap Imitation - demo 1988dec21"
  • Side B: "The Cheap Imitation - layering/xfer 2A" (?)
    • Facsimile - sounds like final mix
    • Monorail: source mix with piano intro and cut-off with echo
    • Monorail: source mix, no intro - xylophone, digital piano, a few other oddments
    • Monorail: mix with piano intro, no backwards arpeggio guitar but some backwards guitar chords; no piano-pedal-thunk
    • Monorail: piano intro, kind of fuzzy mix (Dolby C?), ends with pedal thunk
    • Monorail: piano intro, kind of fuzzy mix (Dolby C?)...


Abbey Normal rehearsal, recorded on oddball clock-alarm-cassette recorder. Is this a copy of the "rehearsal #3" tape? Or is this the original, and that's the copy? My solo in "Shoobee Doobee" is kind of unmistakable, so it has to be the same session. Cleaned & demagnetized heads right before starting transcription. Recorded at 2872 Danielsville Road.

  • Side A:
    • fragment of "Somehow I Don't Think So"; ends in feedback when Brad starts singing
    • hoppy rhythm piece (Tim's?), mostly sloppy with some good bits
    • "Somehow I Don't Think So"
    • "Shoobee Doobee"
    • "Think About It"
    • re-take of ending
    • solo drumming which might be usable as loop
    • lots of talking about the ending
    • re-take of playout/ending - drummer stumbles
    • "Just One Look" - attempt at beginning
    • "Just One Look"
    • "Harmony"
    • "Guitar Lonely" - false start
    • "Guitar Lonely" (music, vocals: Tim Kunkle; lyrics: Brian Crum)
    • (cut)
    • remains of older recording
      • ending of some song of Tim's
      • talking and noodling around
      • Interplanetary Love Affair - gets lost in the middle
      • Interplanetary Love Affair - tape ends after first verse
  • Side B: sounds like another rehearsal with Abbey Normal
    • cuts in to "Two Ways",
      • played a bit fast (maybe this is how Tim likes it?)
      • keyboard solo is kind of interesting, briefly...
    • Tim explains how it works musically
    • "Interplanetary Love Affair" - passable? (Brad seems to know all the riffs this time)
      • Tim's vocals at the end kind of... gaah.
      • End kind of stumbles
    • "Them"/"Same Spot Twice"
    • lots of talking
    • [cut to older recording - probably earlier rehearsal at 2872]
    • cuts into "Somehow I Don't Think So" (keyboard on plinky organ patch; somewhat slower pace; sloppy)
    • talking... Livia arrives...
    • cuts off


7" Radio Shack reel tape - working tape 1989-19901992

  • Part 1
    • Facsimile 1.2 - drums, vocals
    • Facsimile 1.3 - 1991 master version
    • Facsimile 1.4 - above + bass, lead guitar
  • Part 2
    • Post-Atomic 1.1
    • Post-Atomic 1.2
  • Part 3
    • Chameleon 1.1 (phone interrupts)
    • Chameleon 2.1
  • Part 4
    • long/slow acoustic guitar sequence (featuring Weird Arnette Ave. Noise)
    • guitar song w/whistling (the "grow old with me"-inspired thing)
  • Part 5
    • YBC 1.1 1992-06 -- just piano, nothing else
    • YBC 1.2 1992-06-16 *this version*


The Mini-Session Failure Tape Track 1 is probably messed up because of bad contact on player deck, but track 2 may be identical (mono recorder). Not sure tho.

brief listing:

  • Mr. Rogers vs. Grease
  • The Spy Who Didn't Like Me a Whole Lot
  • lots of experimental noises and such, including
    • - Jessica's Eliza imitation (used in Daydream o' the Psychoanalyst)
    • - 28:-- shortwave jamming, several minutes
    • - some Dave Smith Jazz Class -- not sure if this is source or a copy
    • - 43:00 Matt Henry stuff begins
    • - 46:00 slug #15...
    • - 48:-- or so: Camp No Hope
    • - 50:-- an expert on Time


Cassette - 1988-01-28

  • Side A: Durham / Greensboro
    1. Primordial (full early version; tape flutter)
    2. middle of Brave New World (no synths; voice-sample-splice thingy at end)
    3. primordial guitar/harmonica thing
    4. strange click-echo thing (very brief)
    5. water-guitar thingy, with piano (mixed down, fortunately)
    6. jam with people at Milner Hall
    7. "Birds" :-P
    8. Those Satchnarp Blues
    9. Anticipatory Piano Thing
    10. Dana Auditorium 3AM
    11. brief harpsichord thing
    12. Through Space & Time (by Chris Kimmel)
    13. variations in D major thing
    14. Shannon & Fran flute/synth jam
    15. guitar chord thing
    16. rhodes & strings
    17. rhodes & horns
  • Side B: Ann Arbor / Providence
    1. middle of Perpetual Motion
    2. Antarctica, abrupt ending (poor tape quality)
    3. BFoG instrumental tracks (probably 4-trk cassette mix)
    4. Daydream of the Psychoanalyst (poor tape quality)
    5. Stringy Fields of Green (short version; poor tape quality)
    6. Let's Annoy Caroline
    7. Dangerous Interlude (without reverb)
    8. harpsichord bass thing
    9. spliced voice thing for Brave New World
    10. Slow Stringy Thing
    11. Thing That Needs Words
    12. Pepperonipitsaa

Partly digitized


  • Monorail to Nowhere - source for mix with Rhodes intro

Not formally listed, but here's what I heard listening to it just now (towards the end):

  • sort of dreamy guitar thing
  • The Penguin Song (original tracks?)
  • "Perpetual Motion" on stereo piano (fading poorly into "middle of" mix, which is cut off by the tape ending)


from digitized files

  • Part 1
    • Piano thing which turns out to be basically Styx "Why Me"
    • "Hey in the night" thing, kinda terrible performance but might be usable as part of something if re-recorded
    • "Go Away" on piano at double-speed
    • ibid, take 2, slightly different, vocals?
  • Part 2
    • gated guitar with solo guitar, kinda interesting, might be salvageable
  • Part 3

Files Lost


7" Radio Shack reel tape

  • You Never Give Me Your Munchies 1.1 1992-03-18 20:00
  • You Never Give Me Your Munchies 1.2 1992-03-18 20:30

This had apparently been digitized, but I don't know where the files are.


Folder exists; files missing.