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Abbey Normal rehearsal, recorded on oddball clock-alarm-cassette recorder. Is this a copy of the "rehearsal #3" tape? Or is this the original, and that's the copy? My solo in "Shoobee Doobee" is kind of unmistakable, so it has to be the same session. Cleaned & demagnetized heads right before starting transcription. Recorded at 2872 Danielsville Road.

  • Side A:
    • fragment of "Somehow I Don't Think So"; ends in feedback when Brad starts singing
    • hoppy rhythm piece (Tim's?), mostly sloppy with some good bits
    • "Somehow I Don't Think So"
    • "Shoobee Doobee"
    • "Think About It"
    • re-take of ending
    • solo drumming which might be usable as loop
    • lots of talking about the ending
    • re-take of playout/ending - drummer stumbles
    • "Just One Look" - attempt at beginning
    • "Just One Look"
    • "Harmony"
    • "Guitar Lonely" - false start
    • "Guitar Lonely" (music, vocals: Tim Kunkle; lyrics: Brian Crum)
    • (cut)
    • remains of older recording
      • ending of some song of Tim's
      • talking and noodling around
      • Interplanetary Love Affair - gets lost in the middle
      • Interplanetary Love Affair - tape ends after first verse
  • Side B: sounds like another rehearsal with Abbey Normal
    • cuts in to "Two Ways",
      • played a bit fast (maybe this is how Tim likes it?)
      • keyboard solo is kind of interesting, briefly...
    • Tim explains how it works musically
    • "Interplanetary Love Affair" - passable? (Brad seems to know all the riffs this time)
      • Tim's vocals at the end kind of... gaah.
      • End kind of stumbles
    • "Them"/"Same Spot Twice"
    • lots of talking
    • [cut to older recording - probably earlier rehearsal at 2872]
    • cuts into "Somehow I Don't Think So" (keyboard on plinky organ patch; somewhat slower pace; sloppy)
    • talking... Livia arrives...
    • cuts off