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This is a page for keeping track of our stuff.


The old system was based on the inventory category, and didn't work very well.

The new system:

  • All places where boxes (and large loose items) can be stored are Places
  • Boxes given a unique ID string are called Bins.
  • Each Place page should list all the Places it contains.
  • Each Bin page should:
    • list what's in the box. If the list is complete, it should be marked INVENTORIED [DATE].
    • be categorized by what Place it's in, using the convention
  • Bin prefix conventions:
    • BOOKS: boxes containing mostly books
    • INV: boxes which are intended to be kept in an inventoried state
    • STOR: non-inventoried
    • PPW: boxes containing mostly paperwork



see also category:inventory

Loose Items



INV004 and INV005 are mostly from stuff cleaned off the wooden modular cube-shelves while trying to make way for the new filing cabinet (bought by Shannon 2011-01-14).