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Cassette - Triad MG-X 90

  • Side A "layering/transfer #1 1988-03-28"
    • brief piano & synth thing (one in each channel)
    • Blue Fields of String (guitar sounds out of sync; need to do digital remix... also, I don't hear the synth)
    • Middle of Perpetual Motion
    • other stuff, including components of Trilogy
  • Side B "~4 min. left"
    1. Monorail to Nowhere - bounce mix (xylophone + digital piano; voices, starting faint - maybe there was another layer on top in final mix?)
    2. guitar arpeggio thing - later became Sweet Dreams, Good Night
    3. Ensoniq piano thing (several false starts)
    4. Ensoniq piano thing again, without reverse reverb
    5. Attempt to redo Primordial with Ensoniq piano... OSLT... and multiple attempts to go somewhere with it...
    6. Backwards intro to Blue Fields of Green ... Blue Fields of Green with vocals turned way down, no solos except guitar; echo fades into --
    7. Antarctica; echo fades into --
    8. Psychiatric Interlude; fades into --
    9. Daydream of the Psychoanalyst
    10. tuning orchestra as whales
    11. R2 - B2
    12. BFoG: backing vocals and synth