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Maxell MX90

Side A

  • 00:13 Monorail: backwards guitar & echo
  • 06:24 Monorail: very clean submix of mainly the xylophone
    • digipiano/digivox overdub faintly audible; clearer in some places
  • 12:38 Monorail: similar to previous, but with deep digivox at beginning
  • 18:56 Monorail: disused piano intro, submix incorporating some combination of the above
    • might be the final mix (of the version with the piano intro), except I'm not hearing the acoustic guitar stuff, I think?
  • 20:35 Antarctica / interlude / Daydream - sounds like final mix, but audio is a bit crumply
  • 36:58 Blue Fields of Green: sounds like final mix
  • 42:28 speedy guitar jig thing

Side B

  • 00:03 rhythm track that might be usable, with a bit of piano trying to do something...
  • 01:27 The Tape Ran Out
  • 09:16 Hilary fiddle session #1 (Ensoniq piano)
  • 13:00 Hilary fiddle session #2 (harp-piano)
  • 17:04 The Penguin Song (audio quality sketchy)
  • 18:31 Antarctica / interlude / Daydream (audio quality sketchy)
  • 29:42 Perpetual Middle
  • 34:59 backwards CFS tape I used for "Hell's Hotel"
  • 34:26 Your Brilliant Career: piano tracks submix (includes final note omitted from later mixes)
  • 39:47 Mike Krause drumming at CFS, used for loop
  • 40:14 Your Brilliant Career: final analog mix?