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Saturday, October 22, 2022 (#295)
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the giant willow oak across the street, which is always highly picturesque
evening sun; going out to take B to a birthday party

To Do

Mainly make roach poison, I think... and code.


  • get FTM working so I can:
    • consolidate stuff on the laptop sufficiently to make room for needed Nextcloud folders which I've had to temporarily exclude
    • move more stuff off of cloud5
  • work on getting vbz working with current Ferreteria, at least as a demo
  • sidelined for many weeks now, but still urgent:
    • configure cloud5 domains in hope that Gmail will stop bouncing automated messages
    • get Greenmine working the rest of the way, starting with the billing app


I managed to use FF to find where Harena's previous install of Signal (which had been demanding an update, but not installing the update properly, so I had to do it manually; apparently that install was a Flatpak, and I'm not even sure how that happened) kept its data, and then copy the data from there to where the new version expects it. Signal really needs to have a "sync all data from here to another device" option, because she still lost several days worth of discussion that were only downloaded to her phone.


We realized we had forgotten to get eggs yesterday at DCM, so we made a trip to our friendly neighborhood Food Lion (about halfway to DCM) and got eggs there and a few other things. While I was there I noticed they had some digestive probiotic stuff that H & B might be able to use if their current preferred brand of digestive bitters stops being available, so I took some photos of ingredients and such.


Shower, then food, then had to nap. At 5:30 or so, took B over to the birthday party of a friend from HCA -- and that's when I noticed that the odometer on the MaidiMobile had gone over 20k. I don't think I've ever personally owned a vehicle with less than 100k on it, but then again I've only ever owned 4 vehicles (Dodge, Nissa, Kestracel Weiss, and Daisy)... ahh, ok, my records say Nissa had 96k when I got her in 1996, so I'm almost correct about that.