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Friday, October 21, 2022 (#294)
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Progress? Looks like a little over halfway (why is there no percentage given...)

To Do

The basil says "I STILL LIVE!".
  • 1pm: shopping at DCM
  • making dinner
  • eating dinner
  • post-dinner cleanup


I need to be getting FF and FTM working, but I had an idea 2 nights ago about how to move forward on the current issue with vbz, so I really wanted to implement that while it was still clear in my head. I think I've more or less done that, so back to FF...

retroactive update

I did get FF working well enough to use it for the requisite search.

Also -- Subash, my work-friend from Carrier (who now lives in India where he grew up, iirc) expressed an interest in obtaining my vinyl collection, or at least ensuring that I didn't just go casually giving it away. (Apparently vintage vinyl is selling for high prices right now.) I reassured him that I was keeping it, but thought maybe it was time I took some photos of some of the more interesting items (since Mel had also expressed some interest).

Posting them is probably just showing off, but I feel like I don't get much opportunity for that...