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Red House Media, often referred to as just Red House, was the name under which I did business as a recording studio and subsequently the main d/b/a of my company Cox-Staddon Enterprises, Inc. (CSE) from the time of CSE's formation in 1995 until about 2000, when CSE's business crossed primarily over to "Red House Media" continues to be used in some places on the web site, but we are gradually moving away from it.

I chose the name "Red House Media" because "The Red House" (2895 Danielsville Road) was already a place where small musical events (get-togethers and jam parties) had been known to happen, due largely to the influence of a former tenant (Brian Pope), and I thought it would be good to make use of this association in promoting CSE's first major project, which was selling independent music CDs online. (CSE began selling music online as Red House Media a few months after Amazon started selling books online, though it's not clear whether Amazon had already branched out into CD sales by that time).

"Media" referred to recording and data media, with the idea that CSE's focus would be on processing audio, data, and eventually video. Although I did ultimately do some paying work transcribing audio from video tapes, the "media" side of Red House eventually fell by the wayside as I had to focus more and more on (including the lawsuit).

History - 1997-08-14

Transcribed from a printout dated 1997-08-14


  • Recording & mixing –
    • 15/hour ($16/hour after 5pm)
      -does not include master tape; will be reused if not purchased
  • Duplication –
    • cassette to DAT: $5 / copy
    • DAT to cassette: $2 / copy
    • VHS to cassette (audio only): $4 / copy, $10 setup
  • Tape prices (You may provide your own tape if you wish)
    • Cassette, standard quality (c60 or c90): $2.00 / tape
    • Cassette, high-bias (c60 or c90): $3.00 / tape
    • DAT, 2 or 3 hour (60 meter or 90 meter): $10.00 / tape
    • 8 track reel (10" x 1/2"): $50 ($60 for Ampex 499 or equiv.)
    • 4 track reel (7" x 1/4"): $15


  • The Good Herbs (aka Cortez) are currently recording, with about 10 songs ready to mix
  • Blue Stockings (aka Lysa & Noel & co.) recorded a bunch of songs direct to DAT in October (actually, from other notes, it looks like this was on 1996-11-02)
  • Zero Percent Vitamin A recorded 4 songs in Spring, 1996
  • Wax Palm Zoo recorded 4 songs in October 1995, vocal overdubs to be completed later
  • Witches Press (Noel's band) recorded 3 songs in mid-November 1995; again, vocal overdubs are needed but the instruments sound great

History - 1997-06-18

Was recording Robbie Barnes's cohorts (including Kareem, from whom came the definitive quote "Kareem... unh... Athens... Classic City... unh..."... also a kid named Cory (Corey?) who played keyboards and did a wicked Stevie Wonder impression)

History - 1997-03

Handwritten notes from 1997-03-23 and 1997-03-26 indicate I was recording Earl and "Dream Team", a rap/hip-hop/R&B combo - 5 songs:

  • Dream Team Intro
  • Hard to Kill
  • Side to Side
  • All Right
  • Missing You

History - 1997-01

Logged 12 days of recording for The Good Herbs; got paid.