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Cox-Staddon Enterprises, Inc. (CSE) is a Georgia C corporation solely owned and operated by Nick Staddon. It was incorporated in 1995 and located at 2895 Danielsville Road, Athens, GA from 1995-2002, then moved briefly to 1242 Hull Road, also in Athens, and is now located at 122 Pinecrest Road in Durham, NC.

  • Taxpayer ID: 58-2194466
  • Incorporated on: 1995-08-14

CSE also does business as:

CSE's owner wants very much to change CSE's corporate name to something more memorable and relevant, but has found the requisite paperwork to be rather daunting.

Check CSE's status at the GA Secretary of State online database - corporation #K524948 (Someone tell me if I let it lapse, ever!!)

CSE and Nick were the plaintiffs in Staddon vs. Griever.



  • Start a New Business in North Carolina: We want to discard the old corporation and transfer all of its assets ( stock) to a new one with a more appropriate name -- either something like " Inc." or perhaps something like "HyperTwins Holdings, Inc."