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This is a disambiguation page.

  • Red House Media is a DBA of Cox-Staddon Enterprises, Inc., a Georgia C corporation solely owned and operated by Nick Staddon. Red House Media was named after The Red House and used as its home domain (web site and email).
  • The Red House also refers to the residential building at 2895 Danielsville Road (which had dark red exterior paint until about 2003, when it was repainted a dark green) in which Cox-Staddon Enterprises operated from 1995-2002.
  • Red House Media is also the name of another multimedia business somewhere in the US
  • Red House Records is an independent record label in Minnesota.
  • RedHous is a web consultancy company (note: Bubba's email address is listed incorrectly in some places as ""; this is a mis-typing of "", which was correct at one time but was discontinued in 2003.)

There are at least a dozen or so other businesses or buildings known as "Red House" or "The Red House"; please feel free to add more to this list.

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