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Carolina Friends School

We have a great deal of history here:

  • Harena (Sandy) - Upper School, Fall 1974 to Spring 1978
  • Tigger - Middle School, 1977ish - 1979ish
  • Jenny (S's younger sister):
    • Middle School, Fall 1978(?) - Spring 1979
    • Upper School, Fall 1979 - Spring 1983 (when she disappeared)
  • Woozle (fka Nick) - Upper School, Fall 1979 to Spring 1982
  • Jessica (Woozle's sister) - Middle and Upper, I think?
  • Neilly (Woozle's cousin-sister) - Middle School, 1981ish
  • Mel (Sandy's oldest): started at Early School, graduated from Upper School, but there was a gap somewhere in there
  • Zander (Sandy's 2nd youngest): 2004-2006

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CFS in 1979-1982 felt almost magical, at least compared with the rigid structure and competitiveness at DA. It's also where I met Jenny, and some very good things and some very bad things happened.


They didn't handle Harena's crisis very well when she was there, but they at least erred on the side of allowing the individual to make their own choices rather than being heavy-handed and authoritarian. It would also seem to have been very good for for Mel, who graduated from the CFS upper school in 2002(?), and Zander (age 7 when he first went there in 2004), who was not getting along very well at Hope Valley (Durham Public Schools).



Apparently CFS is now actively promoting and actively advertising itself, which was something they never did when we were there in the 1970s and 1980s:

You've seen our ads in various print publications, helped us to distribute flyers throughout the community, and heard our spots on WUNC FM. Now we're reaching out in some new directions.

To hear a lively conversation about the CFS dance program, tune in to WCHL (1390 AM) this Sunday, 12:30 - 1:00, when Jon Wilner interviews Annie Dwyer, Mike Hanas, and Lydia Kramer on his arts program. Those who are unable to hear the program on Sunday can access a podcast on the WCHL website.

Mike will be interviewed on Ron Stutts' morning program later this month, and you can hear radio spots about CFS broadcast by Mike on WCHL from now through December 3.

Also, jazz lovers may hear underwriting spots on WNCU (90.7 FM).

We're on the air, spreading the good word about CFS. As always, thanks for your support.

— email from CFS, 2006-11-03

Our feeling is that the place has gotten too big already, and does not need to be expanding any further. –Woozle 09:34, 4 November 2006 (EST)