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The CFS Pavilion Mural was painted as a "mini-session" project in 1982 (1981? 1983?) by a small group of Carolina Friends School Upper School students. The group included:

  • Matthew Henry (a trompe l'oeil of a doorway, which unfortunately got painted over a few years later by an unknown person or persons before I could get a photo of it)
  • me (weird unfinished brown tower-thing being sucked into a black hole)
  • Jenny Hall (dragon)
  • Linda Griffin (blue-hat girl with owl),
  • Charlotte Denny (from New Zealand -- the Kiwi is hers; we jokingly called it "the dragon turd" or "the dragon dropping")
  • Valerie Tripoli and (I think) her best friend whose name I think was Stacy Lang (must check yearbook)
  • possibly one or two other people

It was done for a mini-session project in 1982 (possibly 1981). I thought we were going to come back later and finish it... (I think the supervising teacher's name was Ellen, who taught art at CFS, but I'm not quite sure; I need to rifle through old yearbooks).

2007-06-18 Update: the mural finally got painted over for real; the whole "Quakerdome" is now a uniform beige. I'm kind of sad that nobody saw fit to warn us, so we could get any last photos (I didn't think to take an overall photo, as I was concentrating on the details). (When I mentioned this on FaceBook, someone at CFS sent us prints of some better photos of the mural; I need to scan those in.)

2010-04-02 As pointed out by John Ladd on the Quakerdome Facebook group, there is an article about the mural on the CFS Alumni web site. The article didn't make it to the new alumni web site.

  • Does anyone have any overall photos showing a bit more of the Quakerdome with the mural on it, so you can see how it looked in situ? I was still using a film camera at the time of these shots, where every photo costs money... (Apparently this memory is incorrect; I was using a digital camera, albeit one with limited memory. Like me.)
  • Saying "it couldn't be saved" is rubbish; I'm fine with the idea that people were tired of looking at it, or that saving it would have been possibly too expensive or not worth the effort, but it certainly was not impossible to save it using available resources. How do they think it got painted in the first place -- by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts? I could have done it myself, time permitting. (Would have been nice to finish it, too, for that matter.)


Jenny's dragon Woozle's weird rock tower