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Friday, November 11, 2022 (#315)
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I finally got around to compiling and uploading the video of the mouse we trapped last Sunday.

I think today is just a normal hectic Friday? Co-op Sprouts shopping after 1, then make dinner starting at 4.

Ongoing computer task-list:

  • Tweak TootCat (favicon, CPU optimization...)
  • Work on Ferreteria
  • Work on file utilities, to clear out room on laptop hard drive
    • ...or maybe I should spend some of the donation money to get a larger HD, so that can be deferred. Hmm.

Evening Photospread

There was a tropical rainstorm, and then it cleared up. We got the emergency alerts after it had already started to clear up.

I also did some tape cataloguing and found an old recording I'd been searching for. (Tried to upload to toot.cat, but that's being slow now apparently.) ...and also recordings of me and Hilary jamming. I'd forgotten that we did two selections... and I have such intense feelings of shame around that session, for some reason. I suspect the only way to really overcome that is to actually turn those recordings into a song -- which feels quite doable, actually.