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Saturday, November 12, 2022 (#316)
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If you format the date in some weird arbitrary American way, today was 111222.


Household to-do Tech priorities
  • housework: check tire pressure on cars done
  • PoGo Community Day @ Westover Park
  • shower postponed until tomorrow
  • plan next week
  • TootCat: favicons, CPU optimization
  • Ferreteria/VBZ
  • file utils, to consolidate duplicate files so I can reconnect to certain shared folders in Nextcloud


  • prepped leftover chicken for Tigger Quiche Glop
  • did some tidying/updating on MeW
  • put original tapes index into a table, for easier management
  • checked tire-pressure on MaidiMobile, Daisy, and Kestracel Weiss (all fine)
  • blew leaves off cars
    • manually extracted leaves from hidden spaces on cars
    • since I had the leaf-blower with me, I also cleared the sidewalk (all the way, both sides) and the front walk
    • battery ran out after I started in on the driveway. Next time...
  • ...and then Community Day.

I did more stop-motion video while the others were off at other PokéStops; that's still rendering, will upload tomorrow hopefully