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Sunday, November 6, 2022 (#310)
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at the StringThing meetup

Today we have a StringThing meetup (outdoors, masked) and I should really start in on voting research by getting our address's sample ballot.

Also, need to reset all the clocks that aren't internet-driven, cuz DST ended last night. (Supposedly when it goes on again next year, they'll just leave it on -- so in theory, this is the last time setting the clocks back -- though not yet the last time having to reset them after a change.)


The mouse. In the cage. On the leaves. In the woods. At Tenagra. When the trap opened.
The mouse. By my ankle. In the woods. His eyes BLACK.

The new Hav-a-Hart mousetrap which arrived yesterday caught one last night; I released it way back in the woods. (Update: video posted on Nov. 11.)

...and I even managed to get some coding done at StringThing! Lots of crashpoints eliminated. I think I'm getting rid of the Kiosk classes.


The little spinny thing is just barely visible on the right, opposite the two (redacted) phone numbers.

Apparently I have now succeeded in moving Z's phone number! Today was the PIN's expiry date, too, so it was a bit of a toss-up as to whether it was still valid.

Things I learned:

  • I had somehow entered the (long since expired) PIN for my transfer (back in August), instead of the PIN they gave me for transferring Z's number.
    • This is why it's important for me to be able to focus when doing this stuff...
  • "Account numbers" at Republic are tied to each phone, not to the web login -- so Z's account number was not the same as mine.
  • I also needed to re-select (on the previous screen) "Republic Wireless" as the old carrier.
  • Until all of these things were fixed, Mint kept insisting that the problem was a zipcode mismatch. >.<
  • Mint's app never updated to show success; the only notification was an email. There was no way to refresh the transfer status screen, or to return to it after leaving it.
    • We verified the transfer by sending a text from Z's phone -- it came through with the correct sender phone number. Much less trouble than my xfer was...
  • Shortly after that, an email arrived from Republic saying they were cancelling the old account (this is good). So now we're down to two numbers I need to transfer (B's and H's).
    • I wonder if I can get a single PIN for both numbers, or at least get PINs for both in the same phone call.

3:13 EST (4:08 EDT)

The automatic-setting-by-shortwave has never worked well here. It would be smart, it seems to me, to put the radio receiver in the temperature-sensor unit (which goes outside and therefore is better placed to be able to pick up a signal) rather than on the indoor unit, but for some reason they apparently never do this.

20221106 151355.jpg


2022-11-06 at 16-02-11 Toot.Cat.screen.usership.png

It was only 2.07k this morning. (For the uninitiated: we're getting a flood of new users because of Elongate.)


Sample ballot gotted.