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Monday, November 7, 2022 (#311)
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I don't think we have anything scheduled, so hopefully-maybe I can accomplish something? Need to be prepared to deal with self-hatred at the end of the day if I don't...


today's autumn leaf-reading
If you're reading this, Misty -- yes, it was I who left the mysterious bag of bulbs by your front door. And I'll do it again (if Rebecca gives me more bulbs to distribute)! Insert mad laughter here, etc.
(She probably has a door cam, though, and can play that back to see that it was me.) (Also, I totally would have picked up that bit of trash if I'd noticed it. Oops.)

20221107 100821.jpg 20221107 100841.jpg


Ahh yes, my prized collection of used staples. Why do you ask?

Household Chores Management

This seems worth looking at for ideas:

...though things really are a lot better now that we have zero cats to take care of.


I ended up spending much of the afternoon investigating and researching tech issues with TootCat, presumably due at least in part to the massive influx of new users (both on TC and on other servers that also use Jortage, which we use for media storage. People have been having difficulty all day (and sporadically for many days now) uploading images, and today TC seemed to be having trouble keeping up with the message queue. I've temporarily(?) doubled the CPU capacity to help with the latter, and am investigating options for dealing with the former.

Given that a whole bunch of donations came in for TC in the past few days, however, I don't feel bad about this becoming my focus for the moment. Also, tomorrow doesn't look as difficult as I was afraid it was going to be, so hopefully I'll have some work-time then as well.