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Voting records of the hypertwins (we almost always vote in sync):

2020 Nov.

Pretty much a straight D-ticket this election, with a few spot-checks to see if there was any reason to prefer the other candidate (usually R).

see US/NC/Durham/elections/2020/11 for election details

  • President: Biden/Harris (D) (still evil, but much much less evil)
  • Senate: Cunningham (D)
  • House: Price (D)
  • NC Governor: Cooper (D)
  • NC Lieutenant Governor: Holley (D)
  • NC Attorney General: Stein (D)
  • NC Auditor: Wood (D)
  • NC Commissioner of Agriculture: Wadsworth (D)
  • NC Commissioner of Insurance: Goodwin (D)
  • NC Commissioner of Labor: Holmes (D) (despite very little info)
  • NC Secretary of State: Marshall (D)
  • NC Superintendent of Public Instruction: Mangrum (D)
  • NC Treasurer: Chatterji (D) (barely; clearly a capitalist)
  • NC Supreme Court Chief Justice Seat 1: Beasley (D)
  • NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 2: Inman (D)
  • NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 4: Davis (D)
  • NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 4: Shields (D)
  • NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 5: Cubbage (D)
  • NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 6: Styers (D)
  • NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 7: Young (D)
  • NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 13: Brook (D)
  • NC State Senate District 20: Murdock (D)
  • NC House of Representatives District 29: Alston (D, no contest)
  • NC District Court Judge, District 14, Seat 7: Rhinehart (D, no contest)
  • Board of Commissioners: (all 5)
  • Register of Deeds: Davis (D, no contest)
  • Soil and Water District Supervisor: Riley (she seemed to really get what the job is about)
    • Priester, Riley, and Boyd were the only ones who seemed to be trying;




For the first time this year, we were able to find our actual ballot online (this PDF on this page) and make reasonably intelligent choices for every single office, rather than having to guess on about half of them as in previous years.

We mostly went with The Independent's choices except where noted:

  • US Congress District 04: David Price over Steve Acuff
  • NC State House District 30: Paul Luebke (uncontested; show of support because we've had direct reports that he's a good guy)
  • District Attorney District 14: Mike Nifong over either Steve Monks (write-in) or whoever the governor chooses to replace Lewis Cheek (though Monks was a close 2nd)
  • Supreme Court Chief Justice: Sarah Parker over the evil-sounding Rusty Duke
  • Supreme Court Associate Justice:
    • Mark D. Martin over Rachel Lea Hunter
    • Patricia Timmons-Goodson over Eric Levinson
    • Robin Hudson over Ann Marie Calabria
  • Court of Appeals Judge:
    • Bob Hunter over Kris Bailey
    • Linda Stephens over Donna Stroud
  • District Court Judge District 14:
    • Nancy E. Gordon over Anita L. Smith
    • Ann McKown over Tracy Hicks Barley (breaking with The Independent on this one because "slow and careful" seems to us like a good thing; they also implied that she has a case backlog due to said slowness, which is apparently untrue)

Wish we could have voted against this guy, but he wasn't on our ballot (he's apparently Congressional District 13, and we seem to be Congressional District 04).

The big issue this election is whether the Democrats will be able to regain any kind of majority, which seems to represent the only hope (at present) of officially calling the current administration to task for its many abuses of authority.