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Thursday, October 13, 2022 (#286)
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looking northwest down the street
looking sort of due south: a cloudier outlook
Some sidewalk reconstruction just up the street, right in front of our next-door-neighbor's driveway -- they were digging quite deeply earlier this week, so it wasn't just repairing the sidewalk. Fortunately, they apparently didn't find any Balrogs. I tried to take a closer photo yesterday, but my phone battery went from 75% to "shutting down" while the photo was trying to save.

I need to work on my version of this.

...and today is a Fresh Market day, of course.


  • since it was damp this morning (apparently it rained last night), I took the opportunity to scrub the worst of the mildew off the MaidiMobile and Kestracel Weiss.
  • put together this page, at long last: Orson Scott Card/anti-gay
  • improved how FIC works
  • Wrote this as a first-pass at the other thing.
  • determined that FTI doesn't seem to be spidering all the things, so started adding an option to write a log of folders spidered.

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