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Friday, October 14, 2022 (#287)
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a wild ferret
a cloud
We stopped here on the way to Sprouts to get some monofilament and a no-kill mousetrap, and I also found a decent-looking battery-tester so I could keep one at my "desk".

To Do

  • Sprouts shopping
  • make fambly dinner


It occurred to me last night that the artisans.coop is a perfect opportunity for VbzCart, since an Etsy-like service was one of the things I wanted to do with it and they haven't even settled on a language or platform yet (nor any tech docs, as far as I can tell) -- so I've started taking a look to see what might be done towards getting a demo back up (at least of the catalog area). I started trying to move the docs from HTYP to wooz.dev, but... there are a lot of them... so at the moment I'm trying to tidy them up a bit first -- deleting some unneeded redirects, for one thing, to reduce the number of pages that need moving -- but really, I need to not get sucked into doing this first if it's going to take a long time. The top-priority task is that the site needs to be presentable again.

At the same time, I really need to be working on futilities/human, especially FTM, so I can move more stuff (reliably) off of cloud5 (which is still alarmingly close to being full) and move stuff around reliably in general.

Sprouts (~13:45)


Later I realized that if there's some possibility of other folks collaborating on VbzCart, then it becomes less of a me-only project, and it makes sense to leave the documentation on HTYP (at least until a better platform is available). We'll see how that goes.

I spent quite a lot of time documenting my setup process as I was fixing it. I got as far as reviving some of the debugging tools by start-making-dinner time.