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Main Projects

  • vbz.net, an online retail endeavor
  • Issuepedia, a wiki-based site for discussing and documenting public issues (including local ones) and personal opinions
  • CWRE, The Center for Wingnut Remedial Education: kind of an auxiliary to Issuepedia
  • HTYP, a wiki-based online "directory of everything" and "technical manual for the universe"; trying to turn it into a real-world resource database
  • I write and record music. I've also been in a couple of bands which didn't go anywhere but recorded some stuff maybe worth listening to.
    • My original recordings are here
    • Recordings from my first band, MoG, are here
    • A couple of other musical projects are not yet online
    • Some other not-really-musical recordings are here
  • comics I drew a long, long time ago before there were webcomics:

As of 2017, I'm still pulling back up after being essentially buried by co-responsibility for Harena's autistic son, whom we finally placed in a good long-term group home in February 2011. (I keep going back and forth between trying to earn a living and trying to do something useful. Funny how those two are incompatible.)

On Google+, I took a poll about what I should be working on.

The Side Burner

The Obscure Stuff

I used to be active on:

  • LessWrong (wiki): discussion about rationality
  • Triangle Hackerspace (joined 2010-08-06)
  • Wikipedia et al.
  • BJaoDN (mainly for the purpose of communicating about wiki vandalism)
  • probably other places I can't think of at the moment
  • My comments on IntenseDebate, the forum service used by Change.gov – i.e. you can see all the comments I made at Change.gov by going to that link.
    • I also installed IntenseDebate on Issuepedia as an experiment, but it didn't turn out to be useful