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Woozle's audio projects: MoG

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MoG stands for Mother of God, which was the band's actual name. I have found, however, that "MoG" is a name acceptable in mixed company, whereas "Mother of God" might cause conversations to stop abruptly or at least give the wrong idea about what sort of music is played by this band you're in. (Or were in.) So I generally refer to it as "MoG".


  • /music: audio downloads and commentary
  • /timeline: timeline reconstructed from various notes



1 - I suggested we call the band The Keating Five after Dave joined, but nobody got the joke
2 - for at least a couple of shows and in the studio


Yes, we actually posted these in a town in the Deep South in the early 1990s. (Actually, Athens doesn't really count as the Deep South; it's kind of an island of liberalism.)

Mog-pst1a.jpg Mog-pst2a.jpg