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Wednesday, October 26, 2022 (#299)
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foglights (if you look closely, you can see xmas lights across the street under the right-hand streetlight)
more trees, fewer lights


  • Dishwasher repair, 9-12
  • Therapy video, 10:45-12:15
  • Costco, to pick up H's meds
    • should have done this Mon or Tues, but I forgot it was a thing
  • shower

It's fine. :-|

...and (memo to self) don't forget to take the recycling to the curb! (done) (Also check the air filter in the basement, if at all possible. It's probably overdue for a change by now.)



Apparently the flag has gotten snapped off our mailbox. I didn't see it lying around anywhere, but I was too distracted to look properly.


Within minutes of being done with the therapy appointment, I got confirmation that the repair appointment was moved to next week, 2022/11/02. I've asked if they have an email address, since texting seems technologically iffy and is not eliciting answers any faster than email could.

1:30: Costco

They were paving the entire length of North Pointe Drive, and it took us over half an hour to get from Guess Road to Costco. (We exited the other end, onto Broad Street; no problem.)

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