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Tuesday, October 25, 2022 (#298)
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Morning fogwood trees:


We had to go to Food Lion again because B ran out of gluten-free bread. We normally get it from Sprouts, but that doesn't happen until Friday. Fortunately, FL actually had it (in the frozen bread section) -- the exact brand and flavor.

I also started a page for photos of my vinyl collection, because what good is being a compulsive collector if you don't compulsively create wiki pages showing off your collections.

Work on HF continues. I made a change to the libraries, which has required re-testing and fixing FF.

The song-stuck-in-my-head seems to have moved on from The Carpenters to Spike Jones. That one is definitely squirrel-commentary about heedless optimism.

Oh wait, actually, The Carpenters are back. And that's after I listened to sides 1 and 2 of Tales from Topographic Oceans. What's a girl gotta do...

Also, ack, it looks like we have the #dishwasher repair overlapping with therapy tomorrow, and we'll be therapizing pretty much within earshot of the kitchen. I thought we ended up with Friday for the repair... but I don't want to put it off any further. (I mean, maybe I should put it off to help spread the expense by moving it into next month... but then that would add to my #adulting-burden of things-to-remember-to-deal-with, not to mention the extra time having to do all the dishes.)

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