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Monday, October 24, 2022 (#297)
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Morning trees:

20221024 095917.jpg 20221024 095943.jpg

Today is dual dentist appointment for H & self, 11am - 1pm. I'm more anxious about money than the actual dentistry, even though H!mom will pay for hers.

Yes, the copying (started on the 19th) had finished by the time I first looked at the screen. So that's nice.

Working on revamping Ferreteria config stuff because the vbz code seemed to want it.

...and why do I still have samples from "We've Only Just Begun" running on endless loop in my head, ~4 days after it came up on the car stick? Many other songs have played since then, but that one gets stuck. It feels like a message from one of the squirrels, about my life.


The dentist was a lot of money and we both have fillings that will cost more money later this week. I think this is why I've been stressed all morning.

More positively, I did get some work done on HF during H's appointment.

We were having a mouse-shortage crisis, so I zipped over to Office Depot and got 3 wireless mice, total ~$75. (Stock was quite limited, so one of those was a low-end gaming mouse... which worked out, because H likes the ones with the extra buttons. I find them annoying, because I'm always accidentally pressing them and then things happen.)

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