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Wednesday, October 19, 2022 (#292)
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2022-10-19 11-34-57.screen.file copying.png

Cloud5 filled up again overnight. Mek drew my attention to it right away, though I would have noticed it eventually... probably when I was trying to do something on wooz.dev and suddenly couldn't. Once again I had to start copying the slow-but-easy way because I hadn't been working on FTM when I should have been. Bleh.

Accidental discovery: over-network document-scanning works now! (...barely! But I'll take it!) (The scanner device in question is this one.)

Here's where we are with FTM:

File Tree Mover v0.00 / 2022-10-19
INPUT ERROR: You must enter folders for both source and target.
USAGE: ./ftm [<options>] <source folder> <target folder>
DOCS: https://wooz.dev/Futilities/human/ftm

The error message is in accordance with my UI standards: if the user didn't type in enough information to do something, then the app should explain this and describe briefly what is needed.

When I give it a source folder it goes into an infinite loop – which is apparently because I'm mis-implementing the DescribeSelf() method, so I'm documenting that and fixing it.