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Tuesday, October 18, 2022 (#291)
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I think today we just have a couple of errands to run for H!mom, and give the generator its monthly run. (It really needs to be taken into the shop for a tune-up and to have the self-starter repaired, but that falls into the category of "large purchases we can manage without", so I'm not doing it. Also, hauling it delicately on wooden rails off its little platform (see 2017/06/17) and up the hill to the minivan, and lifting it to get it it in the minivan (will probably need those rails again, which means I have to haul them up the hill as well), is not something to which I am looking forward.)



Fortunately, the generator seems to be doing fine in spite of deferred maintenance.

20221018 104507.jpg 20221018 104523.jpg

Earlier this year we had almost gotten to the point where we could afford to get proper roofing for the generator lean-to, but then things happened and that had to be put off again.

20221018 104544.jpg 20221018 110200.jpg

I can't reach all the leaves with the blower, and water pools in a couple of places. Several times in the past I've cleaned those out and tried to tighten things up so it won't start pooling, but it always finds somewhere. The doors I salvaged from the remodeling at Hope Creek Academy and temporarily[.intent] stashed under the tarp to reduce pooling are rotting out now.


dropping stuff off at The Forest at Duke

Another bout of depression, pondering the fruitlessness of the last 3 decades of trying to collaborate musically. (Part of me wants to say it was "brought on by" comparing myself to someone, but I think it was more that this became a focal-point for already-well-established feels.) Recovered via same methodology as yesterday. Did a little work on vbz -- getting radical with the refactoring again, though I'm trying to do it in a way that doesn't wreck Greenmine (which was almost in semi-working condition when last worked on some time ago).