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Monday, October 17, 2022 (#290)
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The day started with a bug.



I went to sleep thinking about how to rework the vbz code. I spent about 10 minutes loading up all of Ferreteria so I could find things more easily -- it took extra time because I'd select a bunch of files to open, then click on that to drag them over to Kate (editor) but somewhere along the line that got converted into a double-click which de-selects everything except the one I just clicked on and opens that one up in a different editor. I finally worked out that if I am forceful with that initial post-selection click, it won't do that.

Texted Hugh the Dishwasher Guy to see if he can maybe help with our Leetle Situation (see 2022/10/15#7:00ish). (Update from later: yes, but it may be a week or two; still trying to firm up a date.)



Costco trip. Got the MaidiMobile her first tank of gas since we assumed custody. The gas line was the shortest we've seen it for quite some time (basically none; two pumps opened up on the "wrong" side for our car, when I was next in line for the "right" side and there was nobody behind me).

20221017 133648.jpg 20221017 134156.jpg

The lady who was behind the counter when I asked for my 'phenidate refill is someone who became an instant almost-friend when she admired H's Dr. Who paraphernalia several years ago. She remembered my name, asked how I got it; I told the story as concisely as I could. mentioned the woozalia.com site as being a place where I post my music recordings, which led to a brief conversation about that, and it actually occurred to me to give her one of my printed cards (from 2019).

Clouds at Costco:

K's swamping pool

Trees and clouds at K's:


Watching SEASON 3 PREMIERE FULL EPISODE | Thanks to Them | S3 E1 | The Owl House | Disney Channel Animation for evening TV.


Battled with intense depression for about an hour after that, but the 'phenidate finally kicked in. Still trying to figure out what Ferreteria/v0.5/@cls/cKiosk was supposed to be for, because in my head it was originally supposed to be for URL navigation (which I need for VbzCart) but it doesn't actually seem to do that very well, and it overlaps with functionality provided by other classes.