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Sunday, October 16, 2022 (#289)
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trees at Northgate Park
a different tree at Northgate Park (it wanted to be part of the other picture)



B had a mishap with a jar of salt that had become caked up, and ended up with a glass cut in the top of his foot. Z summoned me from bed (we went to sleep around 11:15) to help deal with it, because it was taking a long time to stop bleeding and they were worried that it needed more advanced medical attention. It had slowed a lot by the time I got down there and I was able to stop it by pinching the cut together. (They had cleaned and disinfected it pretty thoroughly before Z fetched me.) I used some paper surgical tape (I think?) to hold the edges together, then added another thing on top and then wrapped around it with some other kind of plastic medical tape. After going back up to bed I was in a panic-state for a couple of hours (that time of night is great for magnifying every existential or financial worry into imminent doom, not to mention worrying that my repair-job wouldn't hold and I'd have to drive him to the hospital for stitches) but did finally manage to drop off.


The mouse-trap had been sprung, but turned out not to have a mouse in it. I only discovered that after going all the way back in the woods to release it, however, since I hadn't wanted to shake the trap back and forth (possibly hurting the mouse) just to be sure -- but I think I can tilt it up on end, so the mouse can't just scurry out, and peer inside. Must remember not to open the hatch too wide, though, because those beasties can really jump (as we have learned on other occasions). They're like miniature Jedi.


Harena, and both of our stuffs spread out on the picnic table at the park

StringThing at Northgate Park

Futilities: I got the extended-options code working, started debugging the spidering.



Did all the dishes (accumulated since at least Friday night) by hand, because of the dishwasher being nonfunctional. Broke a butterfly bowl, as I had kind of expected with that many dishes and a cast-iron sink and not enough sleep.


Found/fixed the spidering bug. (Spiders do tend to accumulate bugs. It's just their thing.)

Making pizza, because the stove is occupied so I can't make rice for what I was planning to eat.


Post-pizza, I was informed that Darth Fridge's freezer door isn't closing properly on one side, which is a thing that hasn't happened in awhile. I'd previously "solved" it by blasting the rails with a heat-gun, but I don't think that was what actually fixed it. This time, after trying that first, I finally noticed the ice accumulated on the underside of the door (really hard to see unless you crouch down below the baskets). Once that was knocked off, the door closed just fine.

Hopefully that's all it ever is.


Very spent; took nap, took some 'phenidate, took awhile to recover motivation. Did a little coding in there somewhere. After much agonizing, paid those last 2 credit cards that I'd been fretting over how much to allocate, using money we technically don't have but can squeeze out of margin currently in the system.