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Friday, January 15, 2010 (#15)
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12:00 - ~13:00: Josh care review meeting over at the Home, which produced the following to-do list:

  • make appointment with dermatologist
  • check up on dentist (if no response by Monday morning, send another email?)
  • ask family doctor:
    • med for sleeping
    • not eating properly, so need doctor's order so Home can give him vitamins
  • send Erica a copy of the IEP done 14:26
  • Ask Josh's teacher:
    • daily reports?
    • summer school?
  • Bring clothes for Josh:
    • pajama pants
    • more t-shirts
    • more underwear -- boxers this time
      • buy boxers done ~14:00
  • Contact SSI lawyer, find out options (S should actually qualify now)
  • Find out if plumbing repairs will be done by Friday

to bring ASAP

  • clothes (see above)

to bring whenever

  • his computer & power lock-box
  • his trampoline

...or does it make sense to do this? Do they have room for the trampoline? The computer might help him feel at home and not pace so much...