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The Latest Josh services news, on the Hypertwins News Network -- All The News You Can Stand, in Living Pallor(TM)... (1) Apparently the residential services provider *can* continue serving us. No info yet on when we'll have another care provider to try. (2) Because The Durham Center has determined that Josh really needs a Comprehensive CAP waiver, Josh won't be receiving *either* CAP waiver slot this time around.

Let's try that again, folks: because he needs MORE, he'll be getting LESS.

On top of that, it was The Durham Center which made this decision. These are the same people who "closed" Josh's case in early 2003 2004, with no explanation and no apology, and didn't lift a finger to help us get him back into their system, for FOUR YEARS. Would he have had a CAP waiver by now? You be the judge. (Note: the "Supports" waiver was only created in October 2008; before that, all CAP slots were essentially "Comprehensive".)

Call me wacky, here, but I think they owe us.


It's probably not fair to say that they "didn't lift a finger", but see The Durham Center for a bit of history and some of the things they could/should have done but didn't, resulting in four years when Josh could have had services but didn't. --Woozle 10:01, 21 March 2010 (EDT)