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Thursday, December 3, 2009 (#337)
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A special update from the Dept. of Abrupt Reversals (Josh Div.): The original home (the one in eastern Durham) that was going to take Josh and that backed out has now agreed to take Josh for a trial overnight. This Saturday. We'll have more on this as the story develops...

The Story So Far (post-Medicaid edition): Back in early October, our residential service provider located a Family Home that was willing to consider hosting Josh. After a successful initial meeting on Oct. 6, we applied for the service -- which had to go through ValueOptions.

On Nov. 3 VO said they had closed the case because some information was missing, which our case manager said wasn't true... but she would resubmit the info.

On Nov. 9, they approved Josh for 30 days of residential services. Our provider contacted the family -- and the family backed out, so our provider immediately went and set up a meeting with another potential provider.

On Nov. 18, we met with family #2, and they took Josh out for an hour just to see how he was in a few situations; went well, so we scheduled an overnight on Nov. 21.

The overnight went reasonably well, but apparently Josh's (lack of) sleeping habits were a problem, so family #2 backed out.

And then today, we found out that family #1 was available again -- the adult they had been planning to care for (by emergency request -- not something they had initiated, as I understand it) didn't work out, so they're going to try Josh out on Friday night.

(I hope you're all taking notes, because there's going to be a short quiz next period.)

(a couple of comments to the effect that this is great but not time for using the capslock key for shouting, and we're still waiting for the other shoe to drop)

Yep. We're *always* waiting for the other shoe. I won't start to relax until he has lasted at *least* two weeks with no signs of trouble.