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(1) Dropped Josh off for his overnight. Not gonna jinx it by saying anything positive. (2) Apparently Durham was awarded 26 CAP-MR/DD slots yesterday (see link). Josh has been waiting for his for over a year.


She just called a few minutes ago to say that he wasn't eating or drinking -- but from her description, he seemed relaxed and possibly happy (walking around, singing a little). I said he probably just wasn't hungry, but that I would be surprised if he wouldn't go for the chicken she was planning to put out later.

Still somewhat dreading his return tomorrow morning, but at least it will only be *one* day of Bored Josh.


Phyllis asks: Is he with a person or in a group home? My son was in both. I think that is a pretty good report.


With a person, for now; a group home is the long-term solution, but the waiting lists are long. She'll be deciding whether or not she can keep him based on how things go today. so we're just a mite anxious that it go well [sickly grin].

Bilby: either CAP-MR/DD ("CAP" for short) or SSI would provide funding which would greatly expand Josh's options for residential care. CAP would mean that we wouldn't have to take him when the residential person takes her vacations.

(more discussion ensues, especially with Phyllis; I mention that I'm concerned about Josh's sleep patterns being a problem)