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Sunday, November 22, 2009 (#326)
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Waiting anxiously for Josh's return... anytime in the next 20 minutes or so.


She's apparently running a bit late getting out the door to bring Josh back; I'm supposed to meet her at a service station off 15-501 at about 10:30. I know where the place is, but... stress. Sandy is off at her Sunday crochet thing, so it's just me.


Ok, got 'im. (Whew.)


...and now he's crying, because nothing else is happening. And he's also drooling from the same side of the mouth where he's making those clicking noises. Ok, so I need to add "dental appointment" to my list of things to nag people about. (They were supposed to call us: I don't have their phone number.)


Apparently nothing awful happened during the visit, but there were some concerns. I didn't want to put Frankie (the lady who runs the home) on the spot about her overall assessment, and we didn't have much time to talk because she was in a hurry. Apparently Josh finally got to sleep at 1:30 this morning, though -- the fact that she noted the exact time doesn't strike me as a good sign.


Mollie said: Actually that DOES sound like a good sign to me - means they're keeping a watchful eye over their wards instead of turning a blind one...


She does seem very diligent; I'm much more confident in her ability to really do something positive for Josh than the last place we sort-of-tried (long story). What I worry about is that Josh's erratic sleeping habits will conflict with the family's routines; there's another autistic boy there, and I think she has a kid as well, so the extra Chaos Factor imposed by Josh may be too much (just as it is for us).


Mollie said: Mmmm... give it more than a couple of days - maybe the strict schedule will be better and more beneficial for Josh in the long run and he can adjust to them instead of them to him.


Yes, a more regular schedule and closer supervision are definitely things that Josh needs. He does *extremely* well at Camp Royall, where they have the day scheduled out in half-hour chunks.

We'll be absolutely delighted if Frankie decides she can take Josh on, or even just go for a longer trial. We're just worried that she will say no.