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Friday, November 20, 2009 (#324)
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Friday, November 20, 2009



We're on for a Joshless overnight tomorrow, getting him back Sunday morning. Waiting for phone call (tomorrow morning, if not tonight) to get the rendezvous point.

  • Phyllis offers her help...

Do you know anything about appealing an SSI denial? We have until Friday, and then the appeal window closes.

  • Cindy says: I know you should appeal it. They denied Scott and it turned out the denial was based on such things as a doctor's report that referred to him as a woman and had other such glaring inaccuracies in it. Uncle Chris (who used to do this for a living) says they always deny on the first go-round and you have to appeal. GET A LAWYER!

We've been trying to find one for months -- complicated by also looking for a bankruptcy lawyer and of course the eternal stream of paperwork and emails involved in trying to get Josh lined up for a residential situation in the first place... as long as he's in the house every night, I have trouble remembering where I left my head.