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Tuesday, December 9, 2008 (#344)
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  • 14:52 Spoke with Calvin, confirmed he will bring Josh home at 6:30 unless I call him to ask for Josh sooner than that (which I might do if Willie wants Josh sooner... but I don't really expect that to happen). He also said he has some training on Thursday and doesn't know when he'll be done, but that works out ok since that is normally Rachel's day; we'll just skip Calvin and call Willie when Rachel brings Josh back.
  • 18:24 Josh returned home. Calvin said he seems better than yesterday but still a bit out of it. My understanding at this point is that I'm waiting for Willie to call, not vice-versa; not really expecting anything to come of it anyway. (12/10 Update: Willie never did call. Perlman advises ditching him and that we need to be more assertive about this with Stacia.)