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Wednesday, December 10, 2008 (#345)
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  • Calvin had to bring Josh home early because his mother was back in the hospital (according to what Sandy understood; I was out picking up Z). He called ahead to let us know.
  • I almost called Willie to let him know Josh was home early, but decided it was ok to let Josh have the extra time to eat & chill out before Willie picked him up (which was supposedly going to be around 6:30).
  • 18:15 Willie called, not sure why, and I told him about Josh being here early; he said he would head out right away and take Josh out to buy pants.
  • 18:45~ Willie arrived, came to the door & inside to help Josh get ready. I gave him $25 to buy 2 of the $8 (thicker) pants and 1 $6 pants. He said he would bring back change and a receipt. I said I would call him tomorrow as soon as Rachel brought Josh back; he will fetch Josh early. Willie also said feel free to call him Saturday(s) if Josh would like to be taken out.