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Monday, December 8, 2008 (#343)
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  • 14:55 Spoke with Calvin, who said Willie had been angry with him too many times and Calvin is now no longer willing to coordinate a drop-off with Willie. Calvin will bring Josh home at 6:30. I called Willie and left a voicemail where I phrased it as Calvin being "able to keep Josh" until 6:30, and to let me know if that's too late, i.e. if he needs more time with Josh. Sandy extremely ticked off with Willie, who gradually does less and less and demands more and more.
  • 17:00~ Willie called back; I repeated the information from earlier, but added that Calvin had called to say Josh wasn't feeling well and he might be bringing him back early. We resolved that I would give Willie a call when Josh was here to let him know if Josh should go out again.
  • 17:30 Calvin brought Josh home early because Josh seemed very droopy, and indeed seems to have sniffles and a bad cough. Sandy & I decided to see how Josh reacted to chicken dinner and make a decision about Willie by 6pm. (We ultimately decided to keep him at home. Willie said he might be available tomorrow, depending on when his training ends.)