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  • JS Josh
  • HW housework
  • VBZD vbz.net - development (see vbzwiki:to do)
    • migration
  • VBZO vbz.net - operations
    • shipping
    • customer service
  • PW paid work (Sage & Swift, guru.com... invoicing...)
  • CR creative
    • writing funny stuff
    • recording funny stuff
    • recording music
  • SW "saving the world"
    • Issuepedia & related stuff (reading blogs...)
    • writing serious stuff

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A very incomplete log theoretically documenting what I actually spend time on. Note that some things may get preference because they help me to relax; if I don't relax, then I get all avoidant about the stuff that isn't relaxing and I end up neither relaxing nor getting any work done.


Themes: VBZD, JS:

  • Migrated most of the needed vbz queries for improving stock-form speed
  • grocery shopping (unavoidable)
  • Filled out most of Albemarle form
  • Emailed Durham One Call to try to track down Jill Hoffman
  • Revamped to-do list: new strategy
  • Called Durham One because the email bounced; asked after-hours operator to report the problem
  • Emailed Elizabeth Byars at TEACCH


Themes: JS, PW, VBZO; +VBZD

  • re-emailed Durham One, repeatedly, including from GMail.
    • all emails bounced, so I called and left my name and phone number.
  • had to reinstall MS Office on Vincent because of Gonzo being temporarily invisible to some machines.
    • Copied install CD to Rizzo and installed from there this time. Should be able to get rid of install image on Gonzo at this point.
  • shipped 2 vbz orders
  • updated stock table to use remote queries; although remote cbx query still not working, just using the sub-queries remotely seems to make enough of a difference, and table display is now much quicker

2007-10-05 (Fri)

Themes: PW, HW, CR

2007-10-06 (Sat)

Themes: +JS, +CR

  • headache all morning
  • Josh near-escape
  • farmer's market
  • dishes again
  • artwork for woozalia.com

2007-10-07 (Sun)

Themes: PW

  • email invoice to Lisa@S&S
    • ask if they need anything more formal
    • check how things are going
    • ask about keys (mention stopping by on Tuesday)
  • test Durham One email again, to see if they've fixed it

2007-10-09 (Tue)

  • picked up check and key from Sage & Swift
  • bike ride ended abruptly with punctured tire on S's bike
  • voted (Catotti, Brown)
  • upgraded Gonzo to 7.04

2007-10-10 (Wed)

  • spent day dealing with tech issues, mostly on Rizzo:
    • munged hard drive
    • Samba not working quite right (Mel's computer fighting for Master Browser)
    • dnsmasq needs to be on Rizzo, not Gonzo, dadgummit

2008-03-30 (Sun)

Day Two of Josh being at home for 10 days straight. Moving old to-do lists here and rebuilding from scratch:

  • Josh
    • 2007-10-03 finish application to Albemarle people submitted; waiting for decision
    • 2007-10-03 keep sending email to Durham One Call (once or twice a day), and call if it bounces. (Trying to get msg to Jill Hoffman.) no longer applicable
    • 2007-10-03 make list of what else needs to be done, and prioritize. Go to school and bug people? Just need to have a list of all the things we could or "should" be doing, and then see what we can actually be doing. who knows
    • 2007-10-03 I'm totally lost about where we are with the whole TEACCH thing. I guess the next thing is to respond to her email? Mention about the Albemarle people wanting TEACCH's evaluation. no longer applicable
  • vbz.net
    • thorns-in-side (hampering operations):
      • 2007-10-03 stock display is much too slow not sure what this refers to, but I think it was fixed by making Rizzo the server for operations data
        • finish migrating related queries to MySQL (almost done with this) just some tidy-up remaining
      • 2007-10-03 catalog building is also ridiculously slow; investigate fixability completely rewrote (twice)
    • migration - urgent things which can't be done until resolved (update: these got put off because some worse issues raised their heads)
      • 2007-10-03 topic maintenance
        • find old version of Access db which still has ID_Parent field in topics table
      • migrate data to MySQL
      • 2007-10-03 image maintenance
        • figure out shortest path to getting this working