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I made a note that this folder was empty and I had deleted it, but then it showed up again with content... including content notes.

Notes from 2007-01-17

Digitized at slow speed 44.1 KHz, then sample-rate adjusted to 88.2 KHz

Sounds like something wrong with channel 1, probably a dirty contact; needs re-digitizing.

Quicky track listing

  • (first part was recorded at slow speed)
    • Primordial (source?)
    • happy piano-guitar thing
    • very early calliope thing (original? if so, beginning is partly destroyed)
  • (switches to high speed here)
    • B-A-G jam overdub: rhodes on track 2 (blah)
  • (back to low speed)
    • guitar and synth noodling
  • (back to high speed)
    • something B-A-G-ish
    • original B-A-G jam with different lead guitar (Mike's)
    • ends 30:00 underwater guitar (probably source tracks)
    • short keyboard doodle
    • Please Mr. DJ (several overdubs, possibly original tracks in there too)
    • Pineapple - final overdub
    • From Nowhere - overdub attempt; not terribly successful. Mixdown is single-channel only.

2021-10 notes

I made these before noticing the notes.txt file.

Part 1

  • primordial overdub attempt, including attempt at middle of Brave New World
  • weird echo noise
  • calliope moog songlet, probably an overdub
  • B-A-G jam at half speed -- possibly an overdub attempt, sounds like Fender-Rhodes
    • possibly intercut this with Pineapple? need to check tempo match
  • electric guitar (sounds related to Underwater Guitar; at least some is half-speed) in one channel, moog noodling in other, completely unrelated
  • B-A-G jam again at half speed, but a bit more recognizable; maybe this was the version I used?
  • Underwater Guitar -- sounds like first layer (half speed)
    • includes attempted transitional Moog bit
  • odd bass thing, very short
  • Please Mr. DJ (half speed)
    • original, then organ overdub attempt, then acoustic guitar overdub attempt with Al Stewart organ bit (sounds good slowed down)

Part 2

  • Pineapple: probably a working submix - each track appears to be a mix
  • Distortion overdub attempt 1 - probably original piano tracks, but the good guitar dub is lost iirc. I think there might also be bad bass playing by someone who isn't me
    • The last bit of the good guitar solo seems to still be present, however?
  • Distortion overdub attempt 2 - maybe just adding more of the good mix, manually re-synched to make it more swirly? If so, this is the source I used for the cassette mix.
    • How about combining both of them for even more swirlyness?
  • Am-C-G synthdrum thing - mono mix with some guitar that's mostly all wrong (slowly improves), plus keyboard overdubs. Towards the end it starts almost falling together. Ends with piano improv.