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Monday, January 2, 2023 (#2)
New Year's Boxing Day
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3rd negative test, yay!


  • maybe I should try to talk myself into taking Kestracel to Hope Valley for inspection, first thing?
    • Decided not; too much overwhelm.
  • Attempt to pay taxes, since xmas check has apparently cleared.
    • The online ledger page is full of leis -- check has not cleared yet. The "current balance" includes the full deposit, but at the top of the page (separated from everything else) it shows the hold. Nowhere on that page does it show the available balance. You have to go to the "account summary" page for that.
  • after brek: PoGo drive
  • X plumber expected between 2-4, will call if earlier (tho my fone is apparently Really Bad at doing telephony indoors, so who knows if I'll get the call, why can't service people just use Discord or email like a normal person...)

fogtrees, slightly different position


The plumber never showed up, nor (as far as I can tell) did he call.

Tomorrow I'm going to see if I have the energy to try doing the big snake, going under the sink. We can use the laundry room sink as a test to see if anything happens while I'm working it.

Kestracel service is postponed until this is dealt with.

At least I did update the bank spreadsheet... and apparently $300+ is on the way for TootCat support (though my DigOc bill is now about $230).

Post-Diem Update

After 4, when the plumber was clearly just not showing up, I started to feel motivated to try again but with the big snake this time. There was a pile of stuff in front of where I have been storing it (up on the dirt in the unfinished half of the basement) which was overdue for organizing, though, so I took care of that first. By the time I was done, it was almost time for our planned movie; I didn't feel motivated enough to override that, so I stopped at that point.

We watched Thor: Love and Thunder. There were issues.

  • The file I had downloaded turned out to be problematic, so we had to switch to streaming.
  • The stream had bandwidth issues, making it difficult to see what was going on.
  • Between not being able to see clearly what was going on, Thor's habit of mumbling, the rapidfire action, the rather bizarre tone[1] of the movie -- I was pretty much lost for the first half or two-thirds of it. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying it, though, so I guess they were able to keep up. It felt like Skate Inn again, and I had to take a nap until basically the end scenes, where things started to make sense again.

Afterwards I felt super-depressed, so couldn't continue with the plumbing stuff.


  1. During the initial narrative bits and scene-setting, it felt like a self-parody, and I kept waiting for the penny to drop and we'd understand what was really going on. When it got into the action, I kept thinking that it felt like Star Trek V meets the 1997 Batman & Robin movie: why are these people doing the things they're doing? The motivations given, to the limited extent I was understanding them, didn't feel right for the actions taken -- and yet the writers were throwing everything into the bucket, as if they felt more was justified.