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Sunday, January 1, 2023 (#1)
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sunset over the house across the street

Today: PoGo drive, shower... what am I forgetting. Plan the rest of the week.


Today has been legendarily unproductive. I think I'm maybe too tangled up in thinking about the things I need to do this week but can't do yet:

  • pay for plumbing service (because the guy hasn't come yet; due tomorrow)
    • anxious about whether I will have to move a huge pile of lumber and stuff out of the way so he can access the sewer lines
  • pay property taxes (check hasn't cleared yet)
  • take Kestracel in (needs to be a day that isn't front-loaded with stress, which Monday at least will be)
  • pay bills in general (haven't got the check for that yet)

I guess at least I did kinda get FF working/tidied and commit it back to the repo, so I can resume working on backup scripting.

Sunset Photos

Slightly lower view:

20230101 173812.jpg

Evening star (right in the middle of the shot, between the branches)! (Star Walk shows Venus as the most likely candidate, though Mercury is also nearby -- probably too dim, however):

20230101 173846.jpg