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Tuesday, December 6, 2022 (#340)
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Today was also not very photogenic.

Today tripped on its shoelaces and fell over.

I was going to do a work-session after H's breakfast, but then the flapper on the downstairs toilet broke... so after I ate my own food, I talked myself into a trip to Lowe's to get a replacement and also drop off the burned-out CFL bulbs we've been trying to remember to bring there for months, and also got adjustable casters for the wobbly breakfast-nook chair. So at least that got done.[1]

...but then after that, instead of doing actual high-priority work I spent the entire work session trying to synchronize two different recordings of MoG Show #3 (which was just as terrible as all MoG shows were) to see if it could be made salvageable. I basically finished the synch, but then Audacity started getting crashy and part of the audio got deleted and I spent another hour reconstructing it from the original transcription file and then figuring out what order everything was supposed to be in. Why, brain.

I think it was partly that I'm feeling singularly uninspired by the backup-automation thing I'd decided I needed to work on, and a bit burned out on everything else... and also a part of me desperately wants to be able to rescue something more meaningful from the whole MoG thing than just those 3-ish studio tracks that are worth listening to... and it's a lot easier to play around with editing something that's already on disk than it is to record something new... and maybe a part of me was protesting how few of these work-sessions I get per week, and wanted it to fail.


  1. ...except even after replacing it, the tank still leaks slowly into the bowl, and now I don't know why.