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DAT: MoG Show #3
1993-01-15 - Hoyt St.

Transcription .WAV file is dated 2014-04-18

Part 1: Direct-to-DAT

  • Senses (Tim)
    • ends with a long instrumental bit which could maybe be looped and turned into something
  • Running Away (Dan)
  • Two Ways (Tim)
  • Country Song (Tim)
  • Dysfunctional Family Blues
  • The Moon Is Driving Me Crazy (Dan)
  • Maidens in Distress
  • Electron Emotion (Tim)
  • Midsummer's Lie (Dan)
  • Fix My Car (Tim)
  • Brain on Drugs (Dan)
  • Cult Song (Tim)

Part 2: cassette

This is apparently a transcription of the cassette recording of the same show, presumably "Nick's box master". It's a little faster (recorded at a slower speed than the deck used for transcription) - I forget what speed adjustment I worked out for the tape overall, but I had to do further tweaks in various places as the recording speed varied quite a bit. Sound cuts off, then back on into what sounds like a sound-check, and then:

  • Dreamer Who Asks Why (Tim)
  • more chatter, discussion of sound check
  • Senses
  • (same as Part 1)
  • Fix My Car - cuts out near the end

Side A of the cassette apparently ran out, and didn't get turned over and restarted until the end of "Cult Song". It then includes several minutes of control room chatter (I guess it was also up in the control room with the DAT; somehow I thought it was closer to the stage). The acoustic version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" plays on the PA.

Part 3

These are separate tracks, clearly live but possibly not the same show. ...or was this a kind of "greatest hits of Show #3" for easy transcrip to cassette?

  • Senses
  • Brain on Drugs
  • DFB
  • Fix My Car