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Archived / Abandoned


current high-priority

updated 2006-11-19 Link title* send letter to Sinaasappeltje in Israel! Because emailing is inconvenient here, and she wants to know what's up with you fine people!!! You have my adress here no? I think I send a masse - email with my adress in it, so, good. Or.. yes, send me an email, if you read this NOW. But, that's unlikely.. Anyway.. bye!

  • Web site work for Eisen
  • Convert vbz payments to PayPal
  • Images for vbz
  • CGI topic pages for vbz
  • Moving orders db over to MySQL
  • Update catalogs: finish MT; LB, ZR, EC

in general

  1. (VBZ Urgent, 2003 and again 4/?) Get email-importing-and-management thing (needed for RDA Dispute and for organizing VBZ customer emails) working
  2. (me, 3/?) Send Anna an email with Thoughts in it.
  3. (me/VBZ) Set up regular backups for Camilla & Bunsen
  4. (me/Harena, 6/17) Alternative to PaperPort's image-annotation program - type up specifications, to start with

On Hold

items scheduled or awaiting resources that are currently unavailable

  1. ($, 4/27) Continue working on Mayhall installation issue (must discuss further with Mayhall)
  1. (VBZ, 2003) rewrite shopping cart software to use mySQL
  2. Projects

Links to Check Out Later

  • 2005-09-24 Siobhan Fahey (formerly of Shakespear's Sister): re intentional community, internet musical collaboration
  • 2005-09-14 CGI-IRC: CGI-based IRC client
  • 2005-08-30 Eclipse: open-source, multi-language, multi-platform software development
  • 2005-07-10 Template Toolkit: nifty web-scripty thing
  • 2005-07-04 WikiPedia:Lambsquarter - for when I find the picture of same taken at Spence's Farm
  • 2005-06-04 Eric: Python IDE
  • 2005-05-28 FreePascal: open source TurboPascal/Delphi-ish compiler with IDE
  • 2005-05-27 Manitou Mail: open-source multi-user email handler centered around a db engine
  • 2005-05-26 Article mentioned on the Independent intro page 2005-03-23
  • 2005-05-20 G System shared simulated universe
  • 2005-05-17 Asterisk: open-source Linux PBX
  • 2005-05-16 k9copy front-end for DVD-9 to DVD-5 transcoder
  • 2005-05-11 Something about legal threats to OSS (long)
  • 2005-05-10 Kexi - another DB manager
  • 2005-05-10 GwenRename - GUI-based renaming tool
  • 2005-05-07 Knoda: reads MS Access files


  1. 2006-10
    • get Benz inspected, Nissan oil change, Dodge oil change & check transmission
    • office rebuilding
    • Web site work for tirCysP
      • investigate other CMS software
  2. arrange childcare for May 5-7
  3. call Wild Cotton about placing an order
  4. 2006-03-06
    • call HP customer service - call took 11 minutes 47 seconds, plus two false starts
    • call customer about extra shirt
    • ship correct shirt to customer
    • contact tree person
  5. 2006-03-07
    • ship other stuff
  6. (Harena, ~3/20) email Jackson's mom about possible playdate(s) for Benjamin Abandoned
  7. (VBZ) Desperately need mailing list sub/unsub web script so VBZ can have a mailing list with multiple categories Update: can use wiki for now
  8. (VBZ/me 5/28) Documents to send to lawyer, round 2
  9. (Harena, 3/22) email Mitsumi webmaster about missing driver for Rev M card-reader/floppy drive Update: works well with Linux w/out extra drivers
  10. done 2006-01-21 (VBZ, 8/2) Move all vbz-related to-do items over to vbzwiki; create separate page for vbz to-do items
  11. No longer relevant, or perhaps done:
    • (VBZ, 4/26) Update LB catalog
      • (7/24) ...and SD catalog. Lotsa new items there too.
    • (VBZ, 5/27) (Ship LB stuff - done 5/31) and notify customers of unavailable items
    • (VBZ, 4/11) create new images for new ZR items (now part of larger Process Them Images task)
    • (VBZ, 3/20) Finish entering Mountain catalog (children's, longsleeve, etc.) 2006 MT catalog arrived in the meantime...
  12. (us, 8/16) Consolidate email accounts:
    • Harena's POP should be
    • One POP for Woozle
    • Figure out where everything is being redirected --,,,, etc.
    • Move to TheRealms and turn on spam filtering
  13. (VBZ 7/1; done 9/7) Delete LD's dad's hosting account, if he hasn't paid yet.
  14. (me; done-ish) Revise Issuepedia to be more intuitive (not sure when this task was set, but issuepedia has gradually improved to the point where this is more or less no longer an item)
  15. (VBZ; done 8/13 or so) put tags on loose inventory and put it in proper boxes
  16. (me; done 7/31 or so) Create wiki page(s) specifically for Pinecrest Rd. and surrounding area; notify pinecrestrd mailing list.
  17. (Hypertwins 3/22; done mid-July) add more blockage to half-door so Benj can't unlock it
  18. (VBZ, ~3/1; effectively done 7/27) migrate VBZ from shared hosting to dedicated server (hopefully before next billing cycle) (Note: ended up moving to cheaper shared hosting on fast machine)
  19. (VBZ, 3/20; done mid-July) Move all discontinued MT cat#s to "Discontinued" section. Add redirects for all old MT catalog #s. Delete old pages.
  20. (VBZ, 7/11; done 7/27) THE BIG ONE: Get vbz working on new server
  21. (VBZ/me, 7/1) Prepare for Athens trip
  22. (VBZ, 6/1; done 6/2) Ship available items to Australia. Don't forget free shirt.
  23. (Harena, 3/26; done 6/2) Write generic credit-card-account-closing letter
  24. (Harena/me, off-list; done 5/30) Wrote CFS_Wiki_Proposal as part of CFS application form essay writing for H
  25. (me, 5/7; done 5/29) Back up this wiki. Really. Before something bad happens.
  26. (VBZ/me 5/?; done 5/28) Documents to send to lawyer (round 1)
  27. 6/2 Done earlier:
    • (VBZ, 3/?) Set up HappyLife items in database
    • (VBZ/me) Begin posting info on lawsuit, and discuss pros/cons of publishing more than just the public documents
    • (me) either get sound recording working on Linux {nope}, or move multitrack audio card over/back to Win98 {yep}
    • (me/Squad) Java client for SluggySquad -- Aero did this, yay
  28. 5/16 done since last update:
    • lots of run/find-bug/fix-bug cycles on HyperMail (import routine); still not working 100%, but only because it keeps running into exceptions for the formatting rules
    • several hours of stuff on the Mayhall project (as well as associated FormTool wiki documentation
    • new statement for Harena's mom
    • miscellaneous legal back-and-forth
    • (me, 5/11; done 5/11) Get SquadWiki back up.
    • preliminary design for front hallway shelf units
    • mowed front & back yards (2 separate incidents)
  29. Done earlier, but I forgot to make note (they were listed in the Low Priority or Long Term sections):
    • (me, low-priority) Add GA Dispute information to wiki
    • (me) Create tech wiki -- this was done set up first in SquadWiki 1.0 and then revived and moved to Hypertwiki when SquadWiki died; the project now is to make SubWikis possible so that the TechWiki can stand on its own
      1. (Harena, 4/1) Lower H's monitor arm thingy (5/17 apparently it needs to be lower still, and this can't be done without a major rearrangement)
  30. (me, 3/28) Create neighborhood wiki -- much like the tech wiki, this has now been started but needs SubWiki capability to be really effective. I also need to set up a neighborhood page specifically for the Pinecrest Road area, and alert the people on the pinecrestrd mailing list to its existance (re-added to list with new description)
    • (VBZ) investigate state of mySQL on dedicated server -- did this some time ago; it was found to be functional, and the HyperTwiki was then created.
  31. (me, 4/19; done-ish 5/6) Finish moving stuff off old 20GB HDs so they're available for "new" Win98 system (one HD has only extra copies of some email DBs; the other is now D: on Mokey, so if there's anything important...)
  32. (vbz, 4/28; done 5/5-ish) Enter Liquid Blue 2004 Winter catalog, as it seems to have been... not entered. o.O
  33. (me, 4/27; done 5/3-ish, as modified) find some sample images for Kitten to process. Upload them, with instructions. (Actually: found web site for Kitten to download images from. Gave instructions.)
  34. (vbz, 4/26; done 4/29) Process orders for SunDog shirts that came in, and any others for in-stock items.
  35. (me/VBZ, 4/24; done 4/28) Take notes on documents from Them in preparation for Thursday's phone call (Phone call moved to Tuesday as a result of notes, yay)
  36. (me, 4/25; done 4/26) Get Mokey set up with software to investigate FormTool issue for G. Mayhall
  37. (me, 4/19; done 4/25) Get Win98 workstation (Mokey, old Kittenmaschien) going
  38. (me, 4/22) fix old Kittenmaschien system board so it will boot without requiring alligator clips, and install in chassis.
  39. (VBZ, 4/8; hold until 4/13) submit MT restock order (2nd Day Air) (Did this, but can't remember exactly when. It's in the DB.)
  40. (me, off-list; done 4/20) Set up wiki (all but a few details done, e.g. logo image and of course recreating content)
  41. (me, off-list; done 4/15) Set up Hypertwin Wiki to accomodate most urgent stuff from SquadWiki (mainly this to-do list)
  42. (VBZ, 4/13; cancelled 4/13) call ZR to confirm they got the order sent 4/11 -- never mind; got confirming email 4/13
  43. (Harena, 4/12; done 4/13) Update Perlman statement
  44. (Harena, off-list; done 4/13) Emailed Arc of NC back about calling
  45. (VBZ, 4/4; done 4/11) Place ZR order, if nothing more urgent has come along
  46. (Hypertwins, off-list; done 4/11) Mowed lawn
  47. (VBZ, 4/10; done 4/11) Rebuild ZR pages (now need to do new images)
  48. (Hypertwins, 3/26 (revised); done 4/9) Put up whiteboard for use as Harena's to-do list
  49. (VBZ, 4/8; done 4/9) Send bill to LD's dad
  50. (VBZ, 4/7; done 4/9) ship in-stock order(s)
  51. (VBZ, 3/?; done 4/10) Enter new Zion Rootswear catalog
  52. (VBZ, 4/8; done 4/8) Checked for additional orders; put MT restock on hold until next Wednesday
  53. (Harena, escalated 4/7; done 4/7) Compose letter to send Verizon giving permission for me to make changes on her accounts
  54. (Harena, off-list; done 4/7) processed more Josh forms
  55. (me, 4/6; done 4/6) make techwiki index (was techwiki on SquakWiki)
  56. (me, 4/6; done 4/6) move & re-link issuepedia (now encyclopinion) pages
  57. (me, 4/2; done 4/3) Wrote analysis of first 3 sections of OSC article; had to postpone the rest because it was taking too long. (Note: this got deleted in the Great SquadWiki Deletion of 2005)
  58. (VBZ, subtask; done 4/2) unpack old problem orders which have been sitting around since the millennium
  59. (VBZ, 3/30; done 4/2) Create an "I spoke with the customer" document for Tene to examine and maybe sign
  60. (VBZ, 4/1; done 4/2) Ship SD order which arrived 4/1
  61. (VBZ, 3/29; done 3/30) ship LB order which arrived 3/29
  62. (Harena, 3/30; done 3/30) Sent email to Central Park School. Received phone call, making it unnecessary for me to call them.
  63. (Harena/general, off-list; done 3/30) bury internet cable where it crosses walkway
  64. (VBZ, 3/30; done 3/30) Place another order (probably SD)
  65. (Harena, off-list; done 3/29) chopped up fallen tree in back yard
  66. (Harena, 3/24; done 3/28) Fix scans of Arc forms so H can fill them out
  67. (Harena, off-list; done 3/28) fix scans of Josh Summer Camp forms for processing
  68. (Harena, off-list; done 3/28) scan Josh forms for summer camp
  69. (me, off-list; done 3/28) Revised Issuepedia GWB pages to be more intuitive; added Peace Amendment issue
  70. (me, 3/27; done 3/28) send JERS invoice/receipt for repairs
  71. (me/VBZ, 3/27; done 3/27) repair stupid laptop
  72. (relatives, off-list emergency; 3/26-3/27) repair JERS's computer network & internet
  73. (relatives, 3/22; done 3/26) Send Harena's crocheted blanket to Jess, with picture.
  74. (family/Harena 2/?; done 3/25) Fix image of baby-blanket so H can print it and we can send blanket to Jess
  75. (Harena, 3/24; done 3/25) Email Melissa Bent @ The Arc
  76. (VBZ, 3/24; done 3/25) Ship Mountain shirts
  77. (Harena, 3/25; done 3/25) fix Bunsen's network problem (was dead onboard network hardware; added PCI net card)
  78. (VBZ, 3/25; done 3/25) place LB order (before noon)
  79. (VBZ, 3/24) process credit cards for MT order just arrived
  80. (Harena, off-list; done 3/24) letter revision, icky phone call, Josh IEP meeting
  81. (VBZ, 3/22; done 3/24) Belatedly process order with corrected credit card (forgot)
  82. (Harena, 3/23; done 3/24) lots of scanning (and a letter to Hope Valley)
  83. (VBZ - 3/20; done 3/22) ship that in-stock order that came in (another one also came in, but ccard was mis-typed... emailed customer)
  84. (Harena - 3/22; done 3/22) email Central Park School to ask same questions as phone call, and be prepared to call again on 3/23 if no answer.
  85. (Harena - 3/22; done 3/22) Call Central Park School to ask if possibly Benjamin can start early, since he's been accepted there and we've withdrawn him from Hope Valley (and also find out what's happening with the registration paperwork)
  86. (Harena - 3/22; done 3/22) Email Peter Perlman to cancel for Wednesday


  1. (VBZ 3/22 from neglected email of 3/18) Formally send in dispute of $60 chargeback (grr... sent it via email... but they want it faxed or something) -- need signed statement from Tene as proof
  2. (VBZ, 3/25) Email F1741, F1746, F2092, F2163, F2312, F2344, F2355, F2419, F2477, F2500: do they still want the stuff they ordered? -- need to import F1xxx order emails, which needs email importer thingy (HyperMail) because I'm tired of importing folders piecemeal